Grow your server to 300 members...

The AYS Small Servers Program is here to help you grow your server from nothing to up to 300 members. Use our team, perks and experience to help expand your community and learn how to properly manage and care for it.


Dedicated Team Member

Our dedicated team member knows everything there is to know about growing and managing a Discord server. They will guide you on how to manage and grow your community.


Up to 300 Members

We will help you reach 300 members, beyond that the choice is yours what you wish, but you’re set for the future.



We have a lot of personalised advice available for you and your server that our team member assigned to you can give you after they conduct their review.

Some of the awesome perks

As a part of our mission to help grow small servers, we offer a range of features and perks to servers who want to use the program with our dedicated team.

Dedicated Team Member for your Server

The main feature of the Small Servers program is the team member that will be assigned to your server. They will work with you and your team one on one to help grow and manage your server, though they won’t do the job for you. They’re experts on marketing and how online communities work.

Server Reviews

The dedicated team member assigned to your server will be able to give you personalised advice on how to grow and manage your server in order to grow the server as efficiently as possible and to make it what you have always wanted it to be.

Premium Options

We have a range of premium plans that can help you grow your server even faster and reach new people. These premium plans also include a more experienced team member assigned to your server. Premium also includes products such as Liam Premium and Discord Expert Premium.


Learn how to effectively and efficiently grow your Discord Server through our coaching service.

About Us

What exactly is the Small Servers Program?

The Small Servers Program started at the end of 2019 as a way to help AYS reach smaller servers who really needed our help.

We’re passionate about helping communities of all sizes grow and the Small Servers program allows us to do just that.



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